network of independent scholars in education

Who is NO!SE?


We are researchers within the broader field of education, who are working outside the established setting of the universities. Our main ambition is to produce and put knowledge to work across the broad professional competencies we represent. We are not working within a specific theory or method, but are all working from an outset, that sources to knowledge can be gained from many places and in collaboration with what/those, we are trying to gain knowledge about. Our common denominator is to offer and bring to public authorities, organizations, places of study a variation of approaches to people in processes of becoming and collaborative learning.

NO!SE – Network Of Independent Scholars (in) Education



NO!SE is a network of independent scholars, who all have a background within the field of  educational research. 


The purpose of NO!SE is double. It is 1. to qualify our own work, whether as researchers, teachers, speakers, therapists, consultants, debaters or something else within the educational fields, and 2. in this way to contribute to a higher quality within these fields.


As a network NO!SE is independent from political positions and views. The network functions as a critical, research-based forum for discussions and professional back-and-forth with regards to general issues within the educational fields of practice and research. Likewise, regarding specific opportunities and dilemmas that comes with being precisely independent scholar, that is being a researcher subject independent from a permanent association with an institution or university.


What is pivotal, is that NO!SE functions as a respectful space – whether it concerns discussions or professional back-and-forth about professional, commercial or other affairs.


Hence NO!SE is a forum with rolling leadership, where we currently discuss:



Current issues within the educational fields of research and practice


Experiences on handling a research ethos, a research professionalism and a quality as an independent and autonomous researcher, but also functioning as teachers, consultants, therapists, knowledge mediators etc. This being with regards to a business, public debate, (research)applications, (research)collaborations (with internal as well as external collaborators), as well as to the concrete (educational/therapeutic) work as e.g. teacher, consultant, therapist and/or knowledge mediator


The relation between research and practice, including research persona and professional activities, where research-based knowledge and background is converted into commercial purposes


Science policy (and rhetorical) issues within the educational fields of research and practice, including what position to talk from as independent scholar and which ethos, actor/agent positions, fora and which genres is established as possible/available


Future, projected, current and realized writing- and communication activities, seminars, working stays etc. in as well as outside of NO!SE





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Alhambra mosaics as graphical frame for NO!SE – why is that?

Alhambra is located in the southern of Spain. An aesthetic ornamented ancient city which has within centuries been calling out to researchers from widely different fields of science. 

Mathematicians have found the 7 basic forms within Alhambra’s many mosaics. Historians are continuingly discussing whether these mosaics contain words, texts and messages to the present. Architects have found beautiful solutions for solving constructional challenges and writers have found great inspiration in the series of the patterns. Alhambra is silent noise, and precisely dialogues between the silent and the noisy fits well with the NO!SE idea about seeking knowledge in differentiated ways and paths. 




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